Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blogging About the Emerald Coast Arts Forum

If you are into discussing different arts, then you'll like visiting the Emerald Coast Arts forum. It is easy to join and begin discussing on your favorite topics.

The section for the Arts includes discussions/posts on art shows, galleries mediums, which is one discussion section. Beadaholics is another art section for those into making jewelry. The Culinary Arts section has tips and favorite recipes of the members of the forum. Metalsmithing is another part of the forum at Emerald Coast Arts. It includes tips and you can post pictures of your metalworking pieces.

The Museums and Galleries section is where you can tell about your experiences at galleries and museums. People discuss how much they liked a show, what the admission is, and where the gallery or museum is located.

The Performing Arts and Photography area discuses these two subjects including where a good show is going on and other related information. The In the Garden part is for discussing your garden , garden festivals, and other things related to gardening.

The Music section is for discussion of concerts, instruments, festivals, and shows. Discussions are about what group is coming to someone's city, what instrument you play, music education sites, and your favorite musicians.

There are some off topic sections too for geeks and other miscellaneous topics. Check it out. Have fun!

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