Saturday, October 17, 2009

Important Murals from Crusader Times Found

Two murals from the time of the Christian Crusades have been discovered in Syria in a Middle Age church. They show heaven and hell. These paintings are under renovation as centuries of dust and dirt covered them. Archaeologists of a Syrian-Hungarian team were excavating in 2008 at a Crusader fort on a hilltop near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The location is in the province of Tartous.

The two murals are 8 feet in height and 11.5 feet in width. They were located to the left and right of the alter. Hassan a spokesperson said that these murals are the only ones discovered in the Middle East that picture heaven and hell. Michel Makdi heads Syria's Directorate General of Antiquities and he said it was very unusual to discover paintings by crusaders. No photos of this find are available.

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