Monday, May 17, 2010

Marian Acker MacPherson: Etched Times Goneby

The etchings of Marian Acker MacPherson present an historical testament to the architecture in Mobile, AL prior to the 1920's. Through her art, she captured the historical buildings of her era for future generations.

MacPherson studied art at the Vesper-George Art School in Boston and she studied under W. H. W. Bicknell at Cape Cod. Bicknell is renowned for his etchings. Etching had regained popularity with artists during the 1880's.

MacPherson published copies of her work in Prints of the Past of Old Mobile (1932) and Etchings of Old Mobile (1938), and Glimpses of Old Mobile .The latter is a guidebook that includes copies of her drawings in ink. There were at least six editions of the book (1946-1983). As time passed, she started painting in watercolors.

An exhibition of her work can be viewed from 07/30/10 until 09/26/10 at the Mobile Museum of art.

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