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Frankenstein Movie 1910

The Frankenstein movie mania has never ceased since 1910, when the original silent flick was loosely adapted from Mary Shelley's novel. This short film was the brainchild of J. Searle Dawley who wrote and directed it. It took three days to film the movie at Edison Studios. The monster is played by Charles Ogle, Victor Frankenstein is portrayed by Augustus Phillips, and Mary Fuller is the doctor's fiancée.

Charles Ogle began his acting career on Broadway in 1905. His first film role was in the 1910 Frankenstein film. Augustus Phillips acted in 134 flicks during his movie career. Mary Fuller started her acting career on stage. She debuted in film working for Vitagram Studios. She became a foremost actress challenging Mary Pickford in status.

The theme revolves around the issue of life and death as Victor Frankenstein becomes obsessed with its cryptic implications, while studying science at college. His vision of creating a human being plunges into the macabre, when he creates a monster instead of the idealized man he envisioned.

His creation sickens him and he returns home and is nursed by his fiancée. When he heals, they are to be married. Enter the monster that is envious of the doctor's sweetheart. The monster seizes a rose given to Victor Frankenstein by his sweetheart from the doctor's lapel. He sees his horrible image in a mirror and bolts away after the struggle knocks the doctor to the floor.

The monster longs for the friendship of his creator and returns on the night of the wedding and causes the bride to faint and Victor finds her. The monster enters the room again and struggle ensues and he overpowers the doctor and leaves again.

Upon his final return, he is absorbed into the mirror that he sees himself in and Victor comes in. Victor sees the monster as he looks into the mirror, but his own form slowly returns. His bride enters, they hug, which is the movie's finale.

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