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Werewolf Movies: 1990's

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The 1990's produced a mixed crop of werewolf movies. In 1991, The Howling VI was released; it features a ferocious fight between a werewolf and a vampire. But the fight is short. It opens with a classic horror movie image: a church.

 Ian played by Brendan Hughes arrives and he becomes a sleuth of the town trying to solve the mystery of the missing people, which happens wherever a certain carnival shows up. This carnival is run by Harker played by Bruce Martyn Payne.

Ian works at repairing the run down church building. Harker captures him for his carnival of freaks. But Ian has a surprise for Harker, as he has a family history that calls for revenge.  He slays Harker and moves on.

Mad at the Moon is a 1992 release with a western setting in which a maiden of marrying age has almost reached the its too late stage, so marry who you can get. Jennie loves a guy that doesn't care for her. Her mother pushes her into hitching up with James Miller. He is a country boy with a penchant for transforming into a werewolf.

Wolf  was a 1994 release in which Will Randall acquires a more combative nature after an encounter with a werewolf. All of his senses are enhanced. His home life and work life are suffering when he is bitten, but his extremely civilized nature is changed. His unnatural abilities help him to regain his former job, which he had lost to an upstart that was more aggressive.

Bad Moon of 1996 tells the story of Ted who is trying to shed his werewolf traits. He settles his trailer on his sister's land in the hope of family affection ridding him of his werewolf problem.

It is adapted from Wayne Smith's novel Thor in which the dog's point of view is used to tell the tale. Michael is a photojournalist and while in Nepal his romantic interest is slain by a werewolf and he gets bitten. When he goes home to the Northwest, he ends up living with his sister and her dog settles the werewolf issue.

In 1997,  An American Werewolf in Paris  appeared; it was an effort to do as well as An American Werewolf in London. But it lacked the humor of the former movie. The characters become werewolves by using a serum.

Other werewolf movies are around especially in the b grade films.

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