Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DeviantArt: What They Have for You

DeviantArt is a great site to join and upload your art for viewing and buying. If you are a pro member, you can request critiques of your work. In my experience, I can say that I've gotten views quickly, and some critiques.

They will print your artwork as photo prints, canvas prints, wrapped canvas, and specialty products, etc. DeviantArt has forums, chat rooms, contests, journals, and groups. You can submit your art to groups. I suggest going to the site and looking over what they have to offer.

There is a writing group. You can summit your poems,stories, and  novels to be read and critiqued. They also have resources and groups for photography, film, and animation.

It is a good place to find art various styles of art. There is something for everyone that would like to buy prints etc.

In my opinion, it is a fun, useful, and friendly site.

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