Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Digital Artwork: Is it Real Art?

The question is still asked by some, if digital art is art or not. The answer depends on the opinion of the artist or art connoisseur. If he accepts new art mediums it is art, and if he doesn't it isn't art. Photography wasn't accepted as an art form at first, it took awhile to grow on most people interested in art. Film endured a  period of not being accepted as art too.

That said, not all photographs are art, not all film is art, think of B grade movies and everything done digitally isn't art. We could get into a discussion of high and low art, but let's leave that alone for now.

First, art requires originality. Is the creation original? After that criteria is satisfied, it can be considered art, but skill level has something to do with how good it is.Yet, there is something else, the style of art or art movement. What if the art connoisseur doesn't see merit in surrealism? So, the arguments go. My style isn't your style is someones favorite art movement.

But copying of the masters is a tradition and practice, and a good one, but this is derivative, not original to stress my point. That is, going to a museum and drawing a master's painting or drawing.

Control of the medium or media is another factor. With traditional painting and drawing implements, the artist is working hands on and has a lot of control. When the artist paints a digital painting , he has more control of his drawing or painting using a graphics tablet and pen than a painting program. The pressure-sensitivity of the pen is what gives the artist a more natural feeling when drawing or painting.

This means how the surface of the drawing tablet reacts to the pressure the pen puts on it. The pressure level is gauged by a number; the higher number has more sensitivity. This level controls how thick or thin the line is, making special effects directly to image, and allows you to make works free hand with the stylus and more pressure is more paint, and less pressure is less paint.

With a graphics tablet, you can get the control that is lacking with a painting program. so control isn't an issue. Using the pen is a more hands on approach that helps the artist to create with a more traditional touch, and make use of current technology. Is is real art? Well, artist are painting realistic images, fantasy images, and surrealistic images, and so on using the digital art form.You decide.

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