Thursday, February 9, 2012

Conceptual Art Movement

The conceptual artist tries to deliver an idea to the viewer through his artwork. Sometimes a customary art medium is not used in this kind of art, though conventional art mediums are also used. The proposed concept is more vital to a conceptual piece than the completed artwork.

There are broader and more restrictive definitions of conceptual art. The rigorous characterization holds that this art is restricted to the middle of the 1960's and culminating in the 1970's. But Marcel Duchamp first used a ready made object for an art piece in 1917; he signed a urinal as R. Mutt and called it Fountain. This piece was not accepted into the Society of Independent Artists of New York show. In 1969, Joseph Kosuth penned an essay in which he gave the piece kudos; he stated that art is always a concept.

Henry Flynt originated the phrase" concept art" in 1961 and published an article in Fluxus using the term for the title. The term Conceptual Art became a wide-ranging designation subsequent to the publication of the article "Paragraphs on Conceptual Art"  in Artforum in the summer of 1967. It was written by Sol Lewitt a Minimalist artist.

  Joseph Beuys  Mel Ramsden, Robert Morris, and Joseph Kosuth are well-known conceptual artists.

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