Thursday, March 8, 2012

David Hockney: Dogs

David Hockney is fond of his dogs, and it shows in his artwork depicting them. His brownish-red dachshunds called Boodgie and Stanley are the inspiration for the paintings and drawings in David Hockney's Dog Days because Hockney "wanted a tender, loving subject" as he told Richard Natale during a 1998 interview.

This wonderful art is a far cry from his swimming pools, green lawns, and other Southern California subjects. For dog owners that are close to their pets, the art expresses a warmth and affection  they can relate to and appreciate.

He published David Hockney's Dog Days in 1998 in hardcover. It sports 84 illustrations of Hockney's 2 dachshunds. The paperback came out in 2006. This is a must see and a keeper for people that call a dachshund friend.

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