Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Art in Action: Muhammad Ali: Joe Frazier

Well, what will show up on this art blog next? Come back and see. Today, I started thinking about the painting my Aunt Sue created of these famous boxers. She could draw a pencil portrait of you in no time flat and it would be the spittin' image of your likeness. Understand, sure you do.

But action art of sports figures, she enjoyed figure drawing and painting, sure she could do that too. I have the painting she did of the boxers of  "The Thrilla in Manila" fame and it surely thrilled the tech guy that recently fixed my Internet problem. To quote him " Man, man..." He was smiling and drinking the painting in as he mumbled his humble praise.

I really like that painting too and boxing. I guess I should take a picture of it and show you what all the fuss is about. Maybe next time.

Champions Forever - The Latin Legends

Thrilla in Manila

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