Thursday, June 28, 2012

Leroy Neiman: Most Popular Paintings

Leroy Neiman's sports art is preferred amongst the people of the U.S.A. in general, like Grandma Moses, but his artwork isn't appreciated by the critics. This opinion was expressed by the New York Times in his obituary. He died on 6/20/12 and was 91 years old.

 Indeed, the most popular artwork for sports fans is sports art; Leroy Neiman painted basketball, horse racing, baseball, and boxing. He painted athletes on location at the Olympics using various media. He painted at the Superbowl.

 Neiman had the skill to sketch moving figures, which is an accepted way of drawing practiced by many famous artists. He had the habit of sketching people wherever he went, and he would rapidly draw someone and give them the piece. This was also the practice of Picasso to sketch while engaging in leisure activities.

Kitch is the word associated with Leroy Neiman's prolific output of "most popular paintings" that is with the public and critics hate all of his work. They say his paintings are low in quality and of lowbrow taste, thus the kitsch designation.

 Robert Ecksel of states that Neiman knew his limitations and that he was a commercial artist. He goes on that the artist was honest and humble concerning his level of talent. Maybe so. Those are good qualities for anyone to have, but none-the-less, Neiman used his skill to advantage utilizing realism, expressionism, illustration, and action painting to express his artistic urge.

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