Thursday, August 23, 2012

Art Fairs

Artists need to know about the best air fairs, so they can apply to those that have more profit potential for the media they work with. Why? Well, because they are hundreds to choose from, but you need to attend the ones that are the most suitable for your type of art.

Having discovered the Art Fair SourceBook, I'm passing the information on to you, so you can find the art fairs that are prime for your work. Greg Lawler had the inspiration almost 20 year's ago, born of necessity, to compile a resource for artists that would have the information that he learned by trial and error, as he applied and atttended art fairs, some that were not well suited to his photography.

Lawler and his staff keep the resource updated. He has been to 800 fairs during the time the resource has existed, and he goes to about 70 of them per year. From events to calls to enrty, patrons, and suppliers, this site has what you need to be an in the know artist. Just search Art Fair SourceBook to see what they have that can help you.

Deltachord's Art at deviantArt

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