Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Mummy, 1932, Boris Karloff, Horror Film

The Mummy 1932-Public Domain in U.S.A.
In The Mummy of 1932, the mummified corpse of  Im-hot-ep, an Egyptian priest, rebounds to life because an archaeological assistant of Sir Joseph Whemple heedlessly reads Thoth's scroll out loud. It contains an archaic incantation that regenerates the mummy. Laying hold of the scroll Inhopep makes his getaway. He lurks in Cairo hunting for the reincarnation of Princess Ankh-es-en-amon. She was his former beloved. The assistant loses his mind as he witnesses the revival of Im-hot-ep.

These incidents occur while Dr. Miller and Sir Joseph Whemple discuss the severity of  the situation ie; the warning or curse that is found concerning anyone that unsettles the tomb. When they go back in Norton gibbers to them that the mummy took a walk.

Ten years pass, Frank Whemple who is the son of  Sir Joseph Whemple goes back to Egypt with Professor Pearson. Ardath Bey shows up and leads them to Ankh-es-en-amon's tomb. Bey is the ancient Egyptian priest. This discovery of the princess' tomb is an impressive feat. Her vault is put in the Cairo museum.

Im-hot-ep had tried in ancient times to reawaken the Princess and his efforts got him mummified while alive. Helen Grosvenor is drawn to her mother's home of birth as Bey calls her with telepathy and goes to Egypt. Helen is the picture of the princess bearing a most remarkable likeness to her. She is a guest of Dr. Miller and Bey takes a great interest in her.

Bey's plan was to murder her, make her a mummy, and resuscitate her using the incantation, and marry her. But she is saved by Isis, after she remembers her ancient life and prays to the goddess.

Boris Karloff Frankenstein

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