Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Bad Vibes" Coming Out in 2014: John Landis: Ariel Pink

John Landis is the executive producer for Bad Vibes, the 60's psychedelic werewolf movie hitting the theaters in 2014. Landis, known for his classic An American Werewolf in London makes this new flick very promising. The production company SpectreVision formerly dubbed Woodshed is partnered by Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, and Josh C. Waller. SpectreVision has already been notable in genre films.

David Gebroe of Zombie Honeymoon fame is the director using his own screenplay for this hippy werewolf conception. Ariel Pink an Indie musician is composing the music.

After a tryst with a really weird groupie, the hippy bandleader (Max Cassidy) of Sunrise Majesty plots to change his fan base into loup garou's. That is if he isn't defeated by Cynthia the only unchanged band member. His diabolical plan is to throw a love-in at the band's ranch, so the werewolves can easily corrupt the fans causing them to live by the light of the moon and a howling note.

Okay, werewolf movie fans wait and see who wins the to infect or not to infect battle. 

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