Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, 1973: Charles M. Schultz

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a great animated flick from 1973 that is fun to watch, especially if you're a Snoopy fan. Peppermint Patty and some chums manipulate Charlie Brown talking him into providing a time-honored Thanksgiving dinner. He is at a loss as to pulling this off.

But Linus advises Charlie Brown to have one meal for his friends, and then he and Sally can go to their grandmother's house as planned to celebrate Thanksgiving.

 Snoopy and Woodstock take control and whip up a meal of buttered toast, popcorn, jelly beans, and pretzel sticks. The main dish is jello, whipped creme, and a cherry. Snoopy battles a folding deck chair as he and Woodstock get the chairs and a ping-pong table ready for the memorable dinner.

 Linus, ever the character to introduce the spiritual aspect of a situation prays a prayer of thanks. Thus, the actual meaning of the holiday is interjected into the story.

Peppermint Patty becomes incensed over the food offered. Marcie tells her that Charlie Brown didn't request his friends to come to dinner, but Patty had pushed him into the situation. Patty apologizes. Charlie's grandmother gives them all an invitation to dinner at her condominium. All ends well.

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