Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas With the Dead: Joe R. Lansdale: Story: Movie

Christmas With the Dead is an imaginative zombie story using the crisis of the flesh eating monsters to fuse Clive's remorse that he had to kill his wife and daughter on Christmas Eve because they had become zombies. He determines to have  a real Christmas this year, after two years of survival mode. This is his way of remembering his family.

He takes off to gather the Christmas decorations and some gas and meets G.M. a survivor and tells him his tale of woe. The action turns rough as they fight the zombies and attempt to get decorations up for Christmas in July. It takes place in Mud Creek of East Texas.

It was originally written as a short story (25 pages) by Joe R. Lansdale and published by P. S. Publishing in 2010. He has written more than 30 novels and has received many awards including the Horror Writers Association Lifetime Achievement Award. The story was illustrated by Glenn Chadbourne.

In 2012 it was adapted for film and went to the film festival circuit. It's a dark comedy B-movie that stars Damian Maffei, and Kasey Lansdale.

christmas with the dead

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