Saturday, January 11, 2014

Journey to Planet X, 2012: Myles Kane, Josh Koury, Eric Swain, Troy Bernier

Journey to Planet X is an interesting documentary that follows the making of an amateur movie Planet X. The scientist duo create their own science fiction movies on the weekends.

The documentary follows Eric Swain and Troy Bernier in the creating of  Planet X  in
Florida sand dunes, using a green screen, and a supermarket freezer. The green screen which is a wall painted green has a better lighting effect than the blue one they had been using. The freezer helped simulate the cold of outer space.

They hired a storyboard artist and two animation artists to improve this film over what they had done before. At the end of the documentary, their movie has its first outing and they are invited to show it at a film festival. Excitement ensues.

Trisha Barkman produced Journey to Planet X. Josh Koury and Myles Kane were co-directors. The documentary screened at numerous film festivals like Calgary, Traverse City, and Strasborg.

Troy and Eric's movie Temple of Joy was funded at Kickstarter.

The thing about Planet X  is that its creators can inspire you to create something and be as determined as they are to keep going to greater heights.

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