Friday, January 17, 2014

The Werewolf: Henry MacRae

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The Werewolf  is said to be the first werewolf movie. Unfortunately, this silent gem venturing into the original attempt at a werewolf movie is lost to the succeeding generations. It was consumed in a fire in 1924.

Macrae, a Canadian, was a screenwriter, director, and producer that went on to work for Universal Studios. He directed more than 130 movies. He produced serials like Flash Gordan Conquers the Universe and The Green Hornet. He also directed many westerns.

The 1929 film Tarzan the Tiger debued his "talkie" movie phase.

MacRae had the kind of imagination that sparks the interest of people that like speculative ideas, stories, and movies. This is proven by his list of science fiction, horror, and mystery serials and movies. Pioneers like him got the ball rolling and moving forward for us. 

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