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Paul Cezanne Art Quote, Constructive Brushstrokes, Post Impressionist

“A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.” -- Paul Cezanne
Paul Cezanne, 1861, Public Domain

That is a statement that touches the artist in me. Of course, some art is more technical than other art, such as commercial art. But art that gets to me and inspires and gives me joy expresses emotion.

Art that expresses feelings in color, or brush strokes hits home. This is the kind of painting that I like the most. This can also be done in a drawing.

Cezanne's Brushstrokes 

The conventional brushstroke technique was to paint bigger strokes in the foreground and smaller brushstrokes moving to the background that continue to diminish in size. This method showed the distance of objects.

L'Estaque, Cezanne, 1883-1885
In contrast, Cezanne regularized his painting strokes. He created a technique called "constructive brushstrokes." Foregoing  perspective and foreshortening, he balanced warm and cool colors using them to move up, or move back the painting's objects.

Maybe being a French artist made Cezanne more emotional, or perhaps it was just part of his nature. He was a Post Impressionist meaning that he wanted to convey emotion in his work, rather than going for the optical concerns of the Impressionists.

Pyramid of Skulls, Cezanne, 1901
When he was older, he painted a few still life's that utilized a pile of skulls. Now that is emotional and a sad depiction of his resignation to death some say.

What do you like about art? Do you like emotional art? Comments are welcome.

580 Color Paintings of Paul Cezanne (C├ęzanne) - French Post-Impressionist Painter (January 19, 1839 - October 22, 1906)

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