Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why People Read Fantasy Fiction or Why People Don't Read Fantasy Fiction

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 The question is why do people read fantasy or why don't other other people read fantasy. It is more than a matter of taste to some people that like it. This genre caused someone to learn to like reading because he tried a fantasy book. He found it fascinating as Spock would say. Then this guy really became a reader and began reaping the benefits of reading.

A well written fantasy story develops characters, has a good plot, and creates a world. It is a suspension of disbelief thing, but that applies to all fiction. Readers of fantasy fiction appreciate the imagination and creativity of the writer. Again, that applies to realistic fiction also, but more so with fantasy.

Knights: The Eye of Divinity (A Novel of Epic Fantasy) (The Knights Series Book 1)
There are the detractors that wonder why we read fiction period. The answer is that stories have always been a part of the human psyche and experience. From oral to written form tales have been the way to remember experiences, relate meaning about events, experience situations they wouldn't otherwise experience, and stories entertain.

The Island (Fallen Earth Book 1)
The reader of fantasy fiction may learn about warfare, herbs, hunting, clothing, or food. A well researched fantasy novel includes such information.

But alas, some folks think fantasy reading is a waste of time. But this type of reading exercises the brain and stimulates the mind like reading realistic fiction does. The detractors also say it is just an escape route, but that is so with any fiction. And please don't watch TV or a movie because you are escaping, and we wouldn't want the detractors to escape from reality for awhile.

The bottom line is some people enjoy reading fantasy short stories and novels.

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