Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring Art Ideas with the Family

Spring is blooming all over and plants are growing. It is the time of year that makes it easier to get the children involved in art projects. The whole family can jump in and have fun together and make art objects and drawings to decorate the home.

Photo magnets, watercolor rainbows, butterflies, eggs with nest, greeting cards, critters, and buttons...can all be part of craft and art creations about springtime. Maybe a spring door greeting sign would be nice.

Paperplates, cardboard, beads, glue, sand, paints, colored pencils, drawings pads and more can be used to create fun spring art. It is a good way to get your children doing something that causes them to use their imagination, instead of letting their minds be bombarded with images other people create. It makes them active and not passive recepters. Go ahead, get the family together and be artistic.

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