Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beatles: Yellow Submarine: Artwork

The Beatles' Yellow Submarine artwork definitely fits into the pop art theme, which this blog discussed in several articles, a few months ago. The group and the album are treasures for a Beatles' fan. A few days ago, Mail Online published an article (07/11/12) about a tapered boat its length eighty feet and decked out like the Yellow Submarine of fame being anchored at the Albert Dock in Liverpool. The inside is decorated with mod walls and furniture. Alfie Bubbles is the owner of this Fab-Four floating hotel.

The film was originally released in 1968; it came out again 1999 on DVD said Reuters on 07/16/12, while reporting that the new release Blu-ray and iTunes adds insight into the creation of the initial film. There is a new DVD too.

All Together Now and All You Need Is Love live on in memory as does the movie in the hearts of avid fans of old and don't forget the younger aficionados. 

In 1968, George Dunning in cooperation with United Artists produced this fantasy movie about a wonderful land, and King Features Syndicate was involved. The plot is that the Blue Meanies despise music and attack the happy-go-lucky Pepperland, but The Beatles and their friends win in the end.

This film, the music and animation perfectly pictures the spirit of the latter sixties in music and grooves into the heart of Pop Art producing a movie of fun loving adventure. Heinz Edelmann is the artist that dreamed up the fantastic Pop Art animation. He used kaleidoscopic rotoscoping, photography, drawings, and 3D arrangements to get the effects he visualized for the movie.

If you like animation, Pop Art, and/or The Beatles watch the film and enjoy.

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