Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tales of Fear: EC Comics: Bill Gaines

Tales of Fear is a flick hitting the big screen on 10/31/13. This movie is a tribute to the EC Comics style of story telling and comic art  in the 1950's. Bill Gaines took the helm after his father's death and cranked out profitable tales that got him into trouble and a congressional hearing.

The anthology of six stories runs the gambit of classic horror plots: mad scientist working on reanimation, child killer, weird something hidden in a barn, a hunter gets more than he expected, a woman wonders what's happening next door, and more.

It is a State of Mind Production which is an independent film company out of St. Louis. Corey Logsdon directs this contemporary infusion of classic horror fare. Watch out for a big fright.


Tales of Fear Trailer

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