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Alfred Hitchcock: Stage Fright, 1950: Thriller

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Hitchcock was a master in creating fright, suspense, and anticipation in the viewer.  In the film Stage Fright Hitchcock toys with reality and the make believe world as the film revolves around the theater scene in London.

Jonathan Cooper is suspected of doing in Charlotte Inwoods' husband. But he says it is Charlotte that came to his doorstep with her dress covered in blood. He brings a clean dress back from her house so Charlotte can sing on stage that night. Her theater maid spies him in the house as he tries to give the appearance of a burgher's entry.

Eve is an actress and friend that is in love with him and decides to help him dodge the police. She goes to her father and asks him to carry Jonathan to France. But Jonathan goes to sleep and Commodore Gill indicates that the blood is daubed onto the dress. Eve questions her old friend about the dress, and he becomes incensed and pitches it into the fire. Thus, this evidence against Charlotte is gone.

Eve goes on her own investigation and meets Detective Smith and feels affection for him. Nellie Goode, the maid, blackmails Eve.

Of course, there is a double crossing love interest theme in the movie. Charlotte is involved with Freddie Williams and has been leading Cooper on, not to mention her dead husband.

In the end, Cooper admits to the murder. He fulminates trying to scare Eve and attempts to murder her. She gets away. Cooper's head is chopped off by the safety curtain.


  • Jane Wyman
  • Marlene Dietrich
  • Richard Todd


Adapted from a novel by Selwyn Jepson. The adaption is by Alma Reville. The screenplay is by Whitfield Cook.

The Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer gives it 88%.  Pretty good, but for Hitchcock, the master, come on.

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