Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Fly 1958 and 1986

The original movie, The Fly, was adapted from a short story written by George Langelaan. It appeared in Playboy in June of  1957. The original movie came out in 1958, the remake in 1986. Howard Shore composed an opera inspired by the plot of the remake.
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 There were two sequels: Return of the Fly in 1959 and Curse of the Fly in 1965. This is quite a feat for a short story if we think of it as having a persona. Quite a bit of attention given to the story and creative energy expended beyond and including Langelaan's spark and flame.

This is the plot: A dreadful accident ensues when a scientist played by Vincent Price tries out his new invention: a teleportation  apparatus. Jeff Goldblum plays the scientist in the 1986 version.

The Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer scores the 1986 version at 91%.

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