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Dark and Stormy Night: Horror Comedy: Larry Blamire

By netalloy at clker.com
 Edward Bulwer-Lytton coined the phrase "it was a dark and stormy night" to begin his novel entitled Paul Clifford. It is reasoned as melodramatic and called purple prose. But the idea has flourished in movies from the 1920's and 1930's and made a come back in 2009.

A Dark and Stormy Night is a film by Larry Blamire. His works are modern flicks that attack the wonderful old cliche ideas, and brings the fun of them to the big screen again. He will be known as a cult filmmaker.

This film reworks the classic reading of the will in a scary old house during a stormy night concept. It parodies the typical 1930's film of this genre. It is done in black and white just like the older films. It has the who-done-it aspect going as a psycho killer lurks the premises.

By OCAl at clker.com
A couple of reporters turn up saying their cars broke down. They are fast talkers like their counterparts of the 1930's.  The deceased, Sinus Cavender, is said to be returning from the grave after 30 years. No comment about the name. Ha. Ha. Upon reading the will the lights are extinguished, and the attorney is stabbed and the will is gone.

Sabasha Fanmore gets the estate, but she disappears and a maniac wearing a hood begins to attack the other heirs. A doctor arrives warning that a murderer is missing from the asylum. 

These are some of the cliches represented in the film.
  • stormy night
  • old house
  • return from grave predicted
  • mysterious killer
  • nearby asylum
  • reporters
  • hooded figure
  • people in house hunting for killer
  • people disappearing
 A cult movie fan couldn't ask for more.

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