Thursday, October 10, 2013

Killer Klowns from Outer Space, 1988: Horror Comedy: Horror Spoof

In this horror comedy, the evil aliens that appear to be klowns need grub aka people. This is a b-movie on a starvation budget that boasts 75% on the tomatometer at Rotten Tomatoes. It's a science fiction, horror spoof for cult movie aficionados.

A farmer and his dog go to investigate what he thinks is Haley's Comet. After they enter the big top spaceship, he and his canine are cast into cotton candy cocoons.

A couple parked at lover's lane view the comet type object plunging to earth too. When they inspect the area, they discover a circus tent that holds numerous cotton candied people and a dog. The alien klowns almost nab the couple with a popcorn gun. A balloon dog animates and chases them. They do escape.

 Mike and Debbie hurry to the local police and tell their tale. The police are dubious. They go to find the circus tent that has vanished. They discover a ruined scene with some cars holding cotton candy like gunk. Meantime back in town, the klowns are reeking havoc with ray guns, shadow puppets, boxing gloves, and rubber mallets.

At the end, Dave fires at the huge klown, allowing Debbie and Mike to escape the villainous aliens. The big top ship starts to whirl away with the cop aboard. Dave attacks the nose of the huge klown with his badge causing the klown to explode and thus the ship.

The tiny klown car falls from the sky. The couple reunite with Dave and some klowns drops pies that hit the couple in the face accompanied by klown cackling. A slapstick bonus.

The mischievous tricks the klown aliens use make this a cult movie that exhibits the bizarre creativity of its makers the Chiodo brothers.

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