Friday, October 11, 2013

Toy Story of Terror, 2013: Pixar: Disney: Woody, Jesse, Buzz

Pixar and Toy Story fans are in for a fun, animated Halloween TV event on ABC on 10/16/13.Toy Story of Terror is the inroad to TV for this animated film sequence. This episode in the gang's adventures last a half hour.

 The road trip causes Bonnie to take her more treasured toys along according to an interview with director Angus McLane with Laura Anthony of ABC at Emeryville, California station KGO.

Some of the Toy Story gang take a highway jaunt,  and one of the bunch disappears after they stop at an inn. A progression of mystifying predicaments in this caper must be resolved before the gangs outcome is sealed to doom.

Toy Story of Terror, MP3

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