Monday, November 18, 2013

(Scrooge) A Christmas Carol, 1951: Christmas Movies

There are many Christmas movies, but the ones that show a change of heart to goodness definitely bring out the message of Christmas.

 A Christmas Carol of 1951 adapted from Charles Dickens novel delineates the change of heart that Scrooge experiences. It is in tune with the Bible speaking of the heart as the spiritual center of mankind. Of course, it doesn't mean the physical heart, but the seat of emotion. The movie is entertaining, fun, heartbreaking at times and ultimately shows a redemption of Scrooge.

Sims portrays a snobbish and selfish Scrooge with a grim sense of humor that is unique to his portrayal. He is a tightwad that regards Bob Cratchit, his assistant as beneath him. When Scrooge looks back to his youth, we see him as kinder and able to love, but those traits are overrun by greed, and he becomes hard and mean. The three ghostly visits nudge him towards a change for the good. Ebenezer changes becoming kind, friendly, and generous.

It is a British version of the classic tale. Alistar Sim plays Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge. In the United Kingdom it premiered as Scrooge.  It was directed by Brian Desmond Hurst; Noel Langley wrote the screenplay,

It gets a tomatometer reading of 85% and the the audience rated it at 73%.

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