Monday, November 18, 2013

The Gift of the Magi: O' Henry: Christmas Story

"The Gift of the Magi" is a Christmas story by O. Henry. The American writer's real name is William Sydney Porter. In the story two people sacrifice to give each other a Christmas present.

Hear the Short Story

The 1917 movie version was written by Katherine S. Reed and directed by Brinsley Shaw. It is a silent movie in black and white produced by Vitagraph Company of America. It starred William R. Dunn, Patsy De Forest, and Claire McCormack.

The Gift of the Magi as the 2010 version has revised O. Henry's story. Sticking to the original would have been better. They couldn't outdo the master storyteller. In the original the couple made sacrifices to buy Christmas gifts, they weren't trying to buy expensive presents. That said, it is basically a wholesome family movie, but the original point of the story is obscured.

It was directed by Lisa Mulcahy, and it stars Marla Sokoloff and Mark Webber.

It doesn't have a tomatometer reading. The audience at Rotten Tomatoes gave it 50%.

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