Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Christmas Shoes, 2002: Christmas Movies Inspirational

The Christmas Shoes is about a boy trying urgently to get a pair of red shoes for his mother. She is battling a serious heart condition, and he wants to get them for a final Christmas present. It also concerns an attorney coping with his marriage disintegration. The lawyer isn't concerned with Christmas and is a workhorse mindful of material gain.

The attorney begins to touch base with the boy and his mother causing a turning point in the man's life wherein he understands that life is meaningful. He learns to value it.

The TV movie was adapted from Donna VanLiere's novel which took its title from the tune by NewSong. The boy Nathan Andrews is played by Max Morrow.  Kimberly Williams does the role of his mother, Maggie, and Robert Layton (lawyer) is played by Robert Lowe.

It was directed Andy Wolk. The teleplay was written by Wesley Bishop.

The audience at Rotten Tomatoes gives it 84%. The tomatometer hasn't registered any percentage yet.

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