Saturday, November 16, 2013

Holiday Inn, 1942: Christmas Movie: Musical: Irving Berlin

Holiday Inn is a Christmas movie for those that like musicals. Jim played by Bing Crosby is part of a prominent musical act in New York. His partners are played by Fred Astaire as Ted, and Virginia Dale as Lila. She informs Jim that she loves Ted, though she is engaged to Jim. 

Jim and Lila were suppose to do a farewell performance and then go to a farming life in
Connecticut. Jim is left with his heartache and the farm. Lila stays with Ted and keeps performing.

A year passes, and Jim quits farming and has a recuperation period in a sanitarium. Once he feels better, Jim starts a business, an inn named Holiday Inn because it is closed except for holidays. It is a country toned lodge with a live entertainment specialty.

Linda Masons is played by Marjorie Reynolds; the character is determined to break into show business and buttonholes agent Danny Reed played by Walter Abel while he is buying flowers. He points her to Jim at the Holiday Inn .

Jim hires her, and they are attracted one to the other. Meanwhile Ted is discarded by Lila for a rich Texan. Ted wants to secure Linda for a new dance cohort. Jim is in love with Linda and tries to stop the partnership. Ted and Jim contend for Linda, and Ted gets her, but Jim gets her back and the movie ends with Ted again with Lila.

The song "White Christmas" won an Oscar. The movie is full of song and dance. The holidays that are featured with performances in the movie are New Year's Eve, Lincoln's Birthday, Valentine's Day, Washington's Birthday, Easter, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving.

Martha Mears dubbed the singing for Marjorie Reynolds. The actual Holiday Inn motel franchise that began in 1952 was given the name because of the movie.

The tomatometer gives  it 100% and the audience 86%. You have to enjoy musical, romance, comedy combinations to dig, like and value this movie.

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