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Let the Right One In, 2008: John Ajvide Lindqvist

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Let the Right One In is an unusual vampire story in that it is about two young people that are extremely unhappy, and the film concentrates more on their emotions than the usual vampire movie fare. Of course, Eli isn't as young as she seems.

The title concept comes from a traditional folk myth concerning nosferatu that says, they can't enter your home unless you invite them in. The author of the novel who also wrote the screenplay says he choose the title in admiration for Morrissey a musician that had a song entitled "Let the Right One Slip In."

In the movie the two lonely main characters do let each other into their lives. Oskar is 12 years old and he becomes friends with Eli. She tells him he should stand up to the bullies that torment him. Through her advice and friendship he finds the courage to do so.

He discovers her true nature, but stays friends with her and becomes closer to her. The ending of the movie shows Oskar on a train with a box containing Eli with him.

Let the Right One In  was directed by Tomas Alfredson and  produced by John Nordling and Carl Molinder. It is a Swedish film distributed by Sandrew Metronome.

Kåre Hedebrant played the role of Oskar. Lina Leandersson had the role of Eli. Per Ragnar is cast as Håkan, the older man that Eli lives with next door to Oskar and his mother. In 1966, Ragner had the advantage of getting a job as assistant to Ingmar Bergman. He worked with Bergman in the production of The Investigation a play written by Peter Weiss in 1965.

The film is the story of Oskar and Eli. It deviates from the book in omitting characteristics about the two main characters that add a lot of depth to the story and aspects of Håkan's personality like pedolphilia. This quality of Håkan could have been left out of the book too.

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