Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas in Connecticut, 1945: Christmas Movie: Barbara Stanwyck

The main character in Christmas in Connecticut writes a column for Smart Housekeeping that is a fabrication. Supposedly, Elizabeth Lane played by Barbara Stanwyck is married, resides in a Connecticut farmhouse, has children, is an excellent cook, and home decorator, but this is a farce.

Actually, Elizabeth is a single New Yorker and can't cook or decorate. She has invented this facade by using her Uncle's restaurant recipes for her column, and her boyfriend's home is the model for the house she supposedly lives in.

Her scheme is challenged for exposure when Dennis Morgan playing Jefferson Jones is used by a magazine publisher Alexander Yardley (Sydney Greensteet) for a publicity gimmick. He wants the war hero to be a guest at Elizabeth's home for a Christmas dinner which is a prize given by Yardley to Jones. How can she refuse a request by her boss?

Elizabeth uses her boyfriend's house and her Uncle's cooking expertise to try and pull off this feat of deception. She also keeps a baby and then a different baby from a woman that babysits for women  working at a war plant.

In the end her boss finds out that he and the public have been duped and he fires her. When Jones finds out she isn't married, they decide to be joined in holy matrimony.

The tomatometer gives it 88% and the audience 78%.

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