Friday, January 31, 2014

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Everything seems to be designer these days. This can be a good thing. It gives you a greater choice in getting mugs, cards, ties and so on. You might enjoy some of my designs. They are original creations that were fun to make and came about through creative inspiration.

Yes. Creative inspiration is a wonderful thing. Have you ever felt an artsy urge? If you have or do, don't ignore it. Flow with it and see where it takes you.

These are some of my designs on products from my Zazzle Store.

Deltachord's Zazzle Store

Misty River Keychain
Misty River - All Rights Reserved

Misty River Keychain by Deltachord
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The Misty River digital painting came from my liking of the woods and outdoor scenes. What we create comes from the heart. My grandparents lived in the country and thus began my fondness for nature.

Abstractcross Key Chain
Abstract Cross-All Rights Reserved

Abstractcross Key Chain by Deltachord
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This idea stems from my Christian roots and my taste for Impressionist painting. I like the freedom inherent in the work of the Impressionists painters

Doggy Scape Coffee Mugs
Doggy Scape-All Rights Reserved

Doggy Scape Coffee Mugs by Deltachord
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This idea was sparked by my liking of cartoons. Animation shows have been a favorite of mine since childhood. Plus, I'm a pet person. Dogs are a lot of fun.

Tie-Flowing Edge World
Flowing Edge World-All Rights Reserved

Tie-Flowing Edge World by Deltachord
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This digital painting shows how much I like unrealistic artwork. There's something about the Blue Ryder painters, Kandinsky and others that really gets to me.

Lonely Blue Mountain Note Card
Lonely Blue Mountain-All Rights Reserved

Lonely Blue Mountain Note Card by Deltachord See more Note Cards

 Mountains are a favorite part of nature for me. I've visited the mountains in Nevada, North Carolina,  and Blue Ridge. Wow! They were great to see.

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