Thursday, January 30, 2014

Original Godzilla, 1954, Toho, Gojiria

The first Godzilla movie (1954) was a parable showing the ruination hammered on Japan through radiation.  The giant monster is aroused and emerges from the sea's deep waters. Gojiria is a freak of nature caused by radioactivity.

He exhaled radioactive blazing breath. His phosphorescent dorsal fins exhibited deadly potential. Ships fought the monster with depth charges but that flopped. A Japanese scientist, Serizawa, invented a gadget that breaks down oxygen atoms causing creatures and people to asphyxiate, but Ogata and Serizawa go on a navy ship and dive to deposit the apparatus in Tokyo Bay near Godzilla. When they arrived, the creature was asleep. Godzilla emerged from the water one last time and died.

The film conveyed strong anti-American attitude in the Japanese version. In 1956, the U.S. variant deleted the anti-American leanings. Scenes with the actor, Raymond Burr were grated into the movie. It was entitled Godzilla, King of the Monsters. This was a TransWorld Releasing Corp. redo.

The edited movie of the Toho production spawned a Godzilla craze. Many sequels have come about, along with comics, books, songs, and video games--it is a phenomena that's here to stay.

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