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Peter Blake: Pop Artist

 The British born Peter Blake became a big presence in the Pop Art movement after his work was Young Contemporaries exhibit that included R.B.Kitaj and Davis Hockney. He was an art student at the Gravesend School of Art from 1948 to 1951. He continued his studies at the Royal College of Ar, where he became an instructor in 1964 continuing until 1976. 
By Tabithia at
shown in the 1961

Blake was a Pop Artist that gained public interest when Ken Russell spotlighted him in the documentary Pop Goes the Easel. His creation On the Balcony took 2 years to complete; he finished it in 1957. It is an iconical piece that displays his penchant for creating art that utilizes popular symbols and fine art. Though it is a painting, the work gives the illusion of being a collage. This work makes reference to Manet's The Balcony and in 1961 he created The First Real Target, which hints at work by Jasper Johns and Kenneth Noland.

His artwork became more popular during the nineteen-sixties. Blake designed the album cover for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; this album by The Beatles came out in 1967. He also created artwork for Band Aid, Paul Weller, The Who, and Ian Dury.

During 1969, he resided at Bath and created work based on British folktales and Shakespearean characters. He painted a series of watercolors as illustrations for Alice in Wonderland.  In 1975, he helped to establish the Brotherhood of Ruralists.

 Blake utilized icons from ads, entertainment, and comic books. His versatility enabled him to work in different media; he produced work in sculpture, printmaking, collage, graphics, and engraving.

In 1981, he was dubbed as a Royal Academician, and he was knighted in 2002.

Pop Art Movement

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