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Gothic Art, Historical, Now, Modern, Contemporary

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During the Renaissance, Italian writers disparaged Gothic Art. They considered the art and architecture of Medieval times as graceless. They likened it to barbarians and thus deemed it Gothic. The Goths were part of the Germanic migration, and they contributed to Rome's declension. The barbarians sacked Rome in the 5th century B.C. decimating its classical urbanity. The Italian classicist adored the classic Roman art and architecture.

Even some French writers like Boileau and Rousseau disapproved of Gothic, though it originated in Northern France. But originally the style was dubbed French work or Opus Francigenum.

Gothic Revived

But the Gothic Period has gained renown since and a resurgence, albeit with different influences and new directions. In the 19th century, Gothic architecture was reexamined in a positive critical light. Modern academics understand that this art had no association with the Goths, but the terminology has stuck.

Contemporary Gothic

From, artist Danieru
Contemporary Gothic art is primed by horror films, the Goth subculture, and the archetypal themes in 18th and 19th century Gothic novels. This subculture branched off from the Punk era in music. It is typified by dark clothing using Victorian, Medieval, and Elizabethan fashion in a modern dark way.
Frrom, artist unknown

The visual artist create morbid, horrific images with or without traditional Gothic imagery such as haunted houses, gargoyles, ghosts, monsters, and so on. The art suggests an uneasiness with nature and man's position in it or a foreboding of death.

If not, it certainly plays around with death, dabbling in it with clothing, music, writing, and the visual arts.

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